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Thread: Disk Drive Failure, best way to go about getting it fixed?

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    Disk Drive Failure, best way to go about getting it fixed?

    My disk drive had the error where it would tell me to eject the disk and try again, and now it doesn't read disks at all. My wii is softmodded and I have a lot of homebrew content on it so I don't want to send it into nintendo for repair.
    So what's the best way to get it working for the cheapest price? I think I could probably do DIY if I had the material, but I would trust someone else to do it more than I'd trust myself. I saw some ads on ebay from $40-$60 to repair drives, would these work?

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    Do retail discs fail as well or only backups?

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    I haven't played backups ever, I'm not sure if I even installed backup support.
    This is the exact error I got
    An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc, then turn the Wii console off and refer to the Wii operations Manual for help troubleshooting
    and now when I put a disk in it does some clicking noise, and then nothing happens. It doesn't even say it can't read the disk.

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    here's the noise the drive is making
    wii_drive_noise.mp3 - FileSmelt File and Image Hosting

    it isn't reading the disk at all, is this something I could repair myself without a new drive?
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