Iíve just installed a solderless Wasabi DX in a friends Wii for them (they donít want it soft modded). Itís running Firmware 4.1E and the Wasabi is on Firmware 3.0.
It works fine with backups from disc or ISO files but it wonít play any backups converted from wbfs to ISO (using Wii Backup Manager) then burned to disc. Theyíre all giving me Error #002
Strangely, this method works fine on another Wii with an old Flatmod chip I have, but not with the Wasabi DX. Any ideas?
I wondered perhaps if upgrading the Wii firmware might help, but I'd rather not lose multiregion support on the Wasabi if I don't have to (although it wouldn't matter too much).
Itís not an insurmountable problem but itís a pain in the arse because most of my backups are in wbfs format.
Any advice would be gratefully received.