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Thread: Original Backup Loader Useable?

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    Cool Original Backup Loader Useable?

    Hello Wiihacks community! I am a newbie and i am wondering what happened to my wii. One day i just start my wii and the disc that i have in my wii (Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn) (It's a backup disc) magically shows up in my launcher in the top left( one that comes with the wii). I am using cIOS 249 rev 20. When i want to play monster hunter tri, i install cios 249 rev19 again and for black ops and all my other games i install and use cios 249 rev20. i usually only use my hard drive with WBFS Manager rev1039?(I believe.. Not exactly certain). i used to only play backup discs, i didn't have a hard drive. I used dogeggs tutorial on (3.1-4.1) to softmod a wii. I used his .wad file to update the system menu to 4.1, and the updating shop channel tutorial to update the shop channel. When i updated to 4.1, the top left launcher (the one that comes with the wii (I'll call it the original launcher from now on to save me from writing this over and over)) said something along the lines of I need to update to use this software. I didn't obviously update. Then one day I decide to play Monster Hunter Tri and go online for the first time. That is when the backup discs started to show up in the original launcher without it asking for upadtes. I put other discs in and the launcher recognized them, except for black ops and i'm assuming that doesn't show up because you need to patch it and for that they require you to update. (I got aroudn that) i am currently running 4.1 wii and i am wondering if it is safe to use that launcher because I honestly like the Original Launcher better for backup discs, but WBFS Manager pwns all. Did my monster hunter tri game (Running on a hard drive) put something in my wii that made the games show up on the original launcher? Cause if it did that's awesome. I just want to know if it is safe to use. Thanks in advance !

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    Both MH3 and COD:BO have their own guides; start in the Introduction Section as linked above and make a quick "hello" post to get very helpful links.

    Edit: use paragraphs and punctuation --- staring at a wall of text like that makes the drool start in the corner of my mouth while I get that glassy-eyed look to my visage.
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