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Thread: media player help/question

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    media player help/question

    Hi everyone new to the site so hello
    but my question to you all is can you help me with a media player for the Wii

    i have the Mplayer ce that i play through my home brew which is good but was wondering if there is one out there that you can have the covers come up along side the name of said film?
    or maybe i can do it on the media player i have and if so how do i do it?

    i have put the covers in all the folders ect ect and that never worked

    so is there one out there or not?

    thanks for the help people
    peace to you all

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    IDK the answer to this question, but a lot of folks feel WiiMC is nowadays the better media player. Stomp's got a guide on it here. I personally have used both, and find WiiMC the better choice.

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