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Thread: Curious what happens if...

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    Curious what happens if...

    I have a softmodded Wii 4.2u and I do a Nintendo firware update?

    Would I be able to redo the game hack for 4.3u? has anyone tried? I want to restore the Wii back to factory firware and re modded using the 4.3u SSBB game method. Doing the official Nintendo update will it brick the Wii?

    I know this seems pointless but just like to know what would happen or if someone did the official Nintendo update to 4.3u on a softmodded Wii will it brick it or just remove the softmod and will it be possible to remodded with the SSBB game hack.

    Hope someone can help. I know about the other updating methods but just like to know what would happen if you do the Nintendo update to a softmodded Wii.

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    You're right that is beyond pointless and absolutely not needed. What will happen is people will make fun of you for doing something so stupid.

    What's the reason you want to do this and I will tell you why it's not needed?
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    Well I want to do this for a few reasons first let me explain the situation I gave a modded Wii (4.2u) to my sister it doesn't have Priiloader or any type of brick protection on it. I want to update it for her and install Priiloader and save the Wii's NAND. I have modded a 3 Wii's using the 4.3u SSBB game hack and it went smoothly all the Wii's where first updated via Nintendo to 4.3u before hack. I just want to make sure the my sister doesn't brick her Wii (or more specifically her kids). I like to do it as smoothly as possible and starting at official 4.3u firmware was painless and fast.

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    Well that is no reason to update to 4.3. So don't do it. All you need to do is follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide from start to finish (skip the darkcorp install).

    When you are finished the Wii will be the same as the others you modded except it will have system menu 4.1 instead of the useless system menu 4.3.

    Do not worry about anything already on the Wii. Just follow the guide and it will update everything, install priiloader and bootmii and allow you to make a nand backup.
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    Ok thanks I'll do that then.


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