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Thread: im geting sick of my wii =[ I BEG FOR HELP

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    im geting sick of my wii =[ I BEG FOR HELP

    i got a chiped wii like 2 years ago and it works super fine with orignal CDs
    its FW 4.0U
    my issue is every time i burn a game it does not work only few of them did
    games didint work :
    call of duty black ops
    mario galaxy
    wii resort
    no more heros 2
    red steel
    final fantasy
    hunter house and many more
    all i get is black screen or my wii crashes with error should eject the CD and restart my wii
    and i did try downloading the same game with pal and ntsc
    i tried hackmii and installing homebrew with sd card and iso cd still failed
    and i did try using DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL and DVD+RW
    i surched all the freakn guied and did alot and i dont know what to do anymore so someone please help me

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    You've posted this question in the modchip ARCHIVES, wrong place. Start here:
    Introduce Yourself

    Then re-ask in a current modchip section (preferably the one that applies to you).


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