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Thread: Confused with ISOs :\

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    Confused with ISOs :\

    Alright, so I've read nearly dozens of tutorials on this site and others and I'm still a little overwhelmed. From what I understand, using torrents to get the ISOs will typically result in finding them in the form of several zip folders.

    The torrent I've got has exactly 16 zip folders, and each of them has a .iso file (not a .svf, like several of the video tutorials/FAQs have mentioned..) They're all the size of a full .iso though. I was under the impression there was a way of 'combining' them with WinRAR into one, playable ISO?

    I've searched high and low and I figure at this point maybe there's a keyword I don't know/understand that is making me unable to find the help I need. :\ For reference I'll link to screenshots of what the torrent's contents are.

    Is the torrent faulty? Or am I just not understanding what to do? If I did get a decent torrent, how do I 'make it' into 1 playable ISO? Any answers or insight is very much appreciated.

    This is the torrent's contents.. just a zip folder. All of them contain the ISO mentioned above.

    This is what the contents of every single zip looks like - I can't tell if that ISO is one piece out of sixteen or what :\ I've tried extracting the 'first ISO in the first zip' (as I was instructed in a few tutorials) and when I run them through the USB Loader I get an error; all other games I've downloaded haven't given me an error, so I know it's an error with the ISO and not my Wii/hacks).

    (For the record, I'm trying to get the ISO so I can put it on my USB drive, not burn it onto a disc.. if that makes a difference)
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    how do I 'make it' into 1 playable ISO?
    Simple... make a backup from your legally owned original disk.

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    Also, intorduce yourself.


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