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Thread: help please. wii 4.3

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    help please. wii 4.3

    help me please. i have my wii softmoded by a friend.. its 4.3e. i format my hd wd250gb to wbfs. i loaded many games. when i put it on usb and try to use usb loader gx (dont know version) after click start. is saying on my screen. <wait for your slow usb device...> and then its says no usb device found!!! when i try the other usb port it says exception dsi occured! and crashes in a white window.. sorry with my english.. i am disappointed! help..

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    First thing did you read here? -->

    #1 Is your USB HDD compatible?...check here --> USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp
    #2 Did you connect it to the lower USB port? If in the upright position, the left port.
    #3 Is you USB HDD on and not in a standby mode?



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