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Thread: Some help needed (mostly with Wiiflow)

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    Some help needed (mostly with Wiiflow)

    Hi all,

    Have spent a good deal of time searching and reading here on WiiHacks, but feel I'm going in circles - so apologies in advance for anything completely n00b this contains.

    I recently paid a guy to softmod my 4.3e Wii (wasn't all that keen to pay an obscene amount of money on eBay for a 2nd hand version of Indiana Jones!), and all seems well - I have a functioning HBC, and have loaded the HomeBrew Browser and downloaded some homebrew games to a FAT32 HDD. However, I'm running in to problems when trying to use Wiiflow to play backed-up games. I'm running v2.2 using (HBC), and have a single active, primary FAT32 partition on a 500Gb HDD. When I try to play a game, I get the error "disc_setusb failed".

    From reading around, I'm guessing that this is most likely due to not having the correct cIOS installed (or at least the right rev). Problem is, I have no idea how to figure out what cIOS is installed on my Wii, as I didn't to the mod myself!

    I took a stab in the dark and ran the SignCheck app, here's what seems to be the relevant output:

    Found 38 ios on this console.
    Analyzed IOS250(rev 65535)...
    Trucha bug : Disabled
    Flash access : Disabled
    Boot2 access : Disabled
    Usb 2.0 ?OS tree : Disabled
    So I guess 250 is installed, but I can't figure out which rev?

    I'd be very grateful for any suggestions on how to proceed.


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    Apologies, just spotted this post, will see what I can find

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