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Thread: How To Remove All Evidence Of Softmodding?

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    Exclamation How To Remove All Evidence Of Softmodding?

    Hello wiihacks,
    Recently my wii disc drive broke so I had to get rid of every trace of softmodding. I was being a noob and just formatted it thinking that it would get rid of everything that had to do with softmodding. I then sent it to Nintendo and a week later they sent me an email saying this wii has been altered and is being sent back unrepaired. So now I am going to get a new wii and re-softmod it. But I would really like to know how to get rid of absolutely everything on my next wii that has to do with softmodding so that I know what to do if and when this happens again. Thanks! Please explain in specific steps because I really want to get this right next time!

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    It isn't possible. You can do what is called "virginizing" (which often ends in a brick), but that still can't remove every single trace. Nintendo will always be able to detect it.

    You could either replace the disc drive yourself, or sell the Wii (as broken) on here to someone who would fix it themself.
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    Well, I few months ago I had seen someone who had modded there wii that was able to get rid of every trace because they sent it into Nintendo and repaired it. He deleted custom IOS's or something I beleive?
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