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Thread: acoustic guitar

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    acoustic guitar

    hey guys im thinking about learning to play the acoustic guitar but i was wondering if anyone knew some good ebooks for beginners

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    Well any of the Mel Bay books for acoustic are good. The ones I have are specific to classical acoustic but I have played through a few of the others as well. I have most of my books packed away but I will look later tonight and see if any stand out.

    Can you read music? Do you want to learn to read music....or just tab's/chords?

    That will make a big difference on what book you should get. I recommend taking lessons (if possible) if you want to learn to read music.

    Edit: I missed that you said e-books, haha oops. Not really sure to be honest.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    most books you can buy as a ebook anyway so ill look out for mel bay books, and yeah i want to be able to read music (although i think thats gonna be the hard part)

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    have yougot any tips on learning to read music or do i just go at it head strong

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    Well lessons help a lot. Other then that all you can really do is find a book or research on the internet. Once you learn the basic concept then you have to practice forever so you can read it while you play. Lol
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    sweet i guess google is my friend lol
    what type of guitar do you play mate ???

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    Classical, Electric, Bass. I play anything with strings

    (or at least I try)
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    im thinking of learning classical, my bro can play electric and drums lol
    i bet you play the banjo really lol

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    Lol I have played a banjo, couldn't get the hang of it. I can play the mandolin though....need to get me one of those.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    i got another question whats the difference between a folk and dreadnaught guitar???

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