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Thread: i have no audio or video on my wii after a power serge.

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    i have no audio or video on my wii after a power serge.

    A friend of mine gave me a broken wii for free. He said it "got hit by lightening" according to him, he said it was connected to a power serge protector and everything plugged into it was affected, including the wii. I thought is was just a power problem so after resetting the power brick, the wii now turns on. But I have another problem, I have no audio or video. He said it was not updated. It is softmodded and running a 4.2 menu. Is this a possible brick or could the gpu be fried. Any way to repair this without nintendo?

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    try holding reset when you boot the wii to see if priiloader loads if installed.
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    I would try another power supply.

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    Yeah I tried that yesterday and got nothing so I'm assuming priiloader wasn't installed. I may try to use the nand formatter and try it that way. I don't want to do the mod chip and boot disc route. I'm not sure if its gpu related or brick related. But to answer ur question, no, priiloader will not load either. I am typing from my blackberry and it a bitch so ill update when I get home if I figure anything out. Thanks for ur help

    Again I get power to the console but no audio or video.

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    And I tried my av cables on a different wii and they work fine.

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    Moved to the bricked section.

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    Are you using composite cables (standard RCA) or component cables? If you're using composite, try a component cable. It's actually quite common for the component connections to work even if the composite connections don't. Not exactly sure why this happens with a power surge but I have a few consoles with this exact issue and they work perfectly with component cables.
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    i am just using regular RCA (r,y,w) cables. i'll try to get some component cables and try that first before i take it apart.

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    It's because the av encoder blows, replace it and problem solved.

    I covered this as a blog post recently

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    cool man, thanks for the info.


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