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Thread: "Hard Reset" a Wii?

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    "Hard Reset" a Wii?

    I have seen this asked a few different places but no real answer.

    Is there any sure-fire way to revert the Wii to factory settings, wiping out any softmods done? (First person saying unplug it for 5min gets kicked in the teeth )

    Not holding my breath for this one, but hey it's worth a shot.


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    you can format, but why would your modding be unaffected, its all or nothing

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    Yes I am aware I can just remove everything from the SD card. I mean as far as reverting to all default IOS's, removing all cIOS's, wads, etc from the actual system. I will be working with EOC later, but I think my luck would be better if I could undo everything and start completely fresh.

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    anytitle deleter + system format = 100% default

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    AnyTitleDeleter gives me errors for everything I've tried (which was only IOS249) and is currently good for only viewing IOS's but won't remove anything. If it'll help I can get the actual errors but I do not have them handy.

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    Probably a dumb question but how does one do a system format?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBoyEddie View Post
    Probably a dumb question but how does one do a system format?
    | Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii - Delete Usage Formatting Procedure

    first search result in Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e3NiNe View Post
    I think most people know of this method. The question, is whether or not it truly restores to original. Channels, Saves, etc are removed, yes. Has anyone anywhere confirmed that wiping the system memory this way reverts to all original IOS's as well?

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    just try it, i dont see why youre so hell bent on doing it =\

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    what if I do not want to delete all of my memory? I do not want to lose game saves but I want to get rid of all the mods..

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