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Thread: Wii, Black Screen with 3.0(JAP) @ bottom right hand corner of the Screen.

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    Wii, Black Screen with 3.0(JAP) @ bottom right hand corner of the Screen.

    Hi All, I hope someone can shed some light on this for me!?

    I've been given a Wii to look at to possibly repair, When switching it on, it goes to just a Black Screen, nothing more.. I did a bit of research on the web (as one does...) and I found that holding all 4 directional buttons on the D-Pad of a Gamecube controller can get it to a type of Recovery Mode... I bought 2 of these cheap china gamecube controller copies a while back and it works easy with them without taking it to bits, I get to a screen that says "3.0(JAP)" at the bottom right hand corner and as instructed from the various sites on the web, put a game in and see if it has an update, I decided to look around for a download of this 'Wii Recovery Disc' that was leaked at some point, I found it, burned it to a Sony DVD -RW and put it in, nothing changed...
    I then read more that the drive needs to have some sort of Chip to read the Writable Disc... So I swapped the drive for an older DVD Drive that had previously been Chipped with an old D2CKey. Now when I put this disc in, the disc spinns (and keeps on spinning) and the 3.0(JAP) dissapears from the bottom right corner... Now I'm just looking at a black screen again with the disc spinning... Is something supposed to happen? Is there some sort of 'DO NOT ALLOW DISC UPDATES' enabled in the D2CKey?

    Please help!?

    Cheers, Adam.

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    Get a Japanese game with an update greater than 3.0 on it

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    lol, i've got tonnes of Japanese games here... I've just put Ratatouille in and it did the spinning thing for a bit, I turned it off and turned it back on for the same procedure to try a different game and it now says "3.4(JAP)" at the bottom right hand corner, so I put Ratatouille back in and its doing the spinning thing again now with just a black screen... how long should I leave it like this for?

    Cheers, Adam.

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    You likely have a bad Bluetooth module or Banner Brick. If you have a Banner Brick, you made things more complicated by updating the system menu to 3.4 because you wiped out all the Trucha IOS which means you can't run a recovery disc. Do you have boot2 Bootmii installed? Check the drive light at startup, if it flashes twice Bootmii is installed.
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