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Thread: WIIFLOW Forwarder not working

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    WIIFLOW Forwarder not working

    Hi Guys.

    I got my wiiflow forwarder working the first time.Wiiflow works great through HBC. . I didn't like the theme, so i uninstalled it using wad manager and installed another one from wiiflows website. when i click on to start it just restarts the wii and goes back to the wii home page. I tryed reinstalling the first one and it now does not work and does the same thing.
    What am i doing wrong? Could there besome little file that didn't uninstall the first time that is causing the probablem?
    Running 4.1e
    Modd 2 weeks ago with dogeggs guide.
    I followed Kranks USB Fat32 guide.
    I all so installed mplayer forwarder with no problems.
    Any ideas would be great.Thank

    Found the fix thanks to Krafter. I used one of his forwarders and i also replace the boot.dol with a new one. I think the boot.dol may have been corrupted.

    "Try one of these here. These are forwarders so you will have to have the WiiFlow folder in your apps folder. Download and put them in the wad folder and run with wadmanager."

    apps folder:

    You MUST rename the the folder "WiiflowR25_249" to "Wiiflow" or it will not work.
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