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Thread: MAME on WII

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    MAME on WII

    I'm a noob to all this modding and stuff for the Wii. My questions before buying a Wii are as follows. 1. How well does MAME work on the Wii. I have seen posts saying that the bigger roms have trouble. But what I want to play are mostly smaller roms like Popeye, Do Run Run, and stuff like that. 2. If these play ok on the Wii, can I play them from an SD card? 3. One last question for now. Do I have to use the regular Wii remote or can I purchase a special joystick to play these games? By the way MAME is the only games that I am interested in playing on the Wii. Thanks for any and all help. Thank you

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    Moved to the emulators section of site. You'd do well to read darkcide's Emulator Guides (in three parts); perhaps this will aid you, since that's their purpose ---- hmmm?

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    1) It runs well with older/smaller titles as you have already discovered. If you want to play games like you mentioned you're golden but if you want to play CPS3 games you're SOL. The compatibility list stickied at the top of the emulator section of the site or in my sig will show every ROM that the emulator will recognize. I'm still play testing so some titles on there may crash or fail to launch but I can guarantee with 100% certainty that I found every recognized ROM.

    2) SD/SDHC or HDD/Flash drive. The choice is yours. I personally use an SDHC card.

    3) The Wii remote works well for most older one or two button games. If you want to play games with lots of buttons like SFII you'll probably want to invest in a GC pad or classic controller.
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