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Thread: CFG Loader question - password protect games?

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    Cool CFG Loader question - password protect games?

    Was just wondering if it's possible to password protect certain games in the cfg loader? Don't want me kids trying to play the mature rated content.

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    I want to hide particular games from the kids or enable disabled features via password.

    admin_unlock = 0, 1
    unlock_password = BUDAH12
    When this setting is enabled (1), it will allow all screens normally locked by the simple or disable_* settings to be unlocked via a "secret" wiimote button combination. This also gives access to the Hide Game option on the option menu, which allows you to select games that will be hidden when admin mode is switched off. To access the unlock screen, hold the 1 button down for 5-10 seconds and an "Enter Code:" prompt will appear. Press the wiimote buttons in the order specified by the unlock_password to unlock. To set the lock back on with the original settings intact, hold the 1 button for 5-10 seconds again.

    Note that if you set admin_unlock to 0, the loader will always operate in locked mode. There will not be a way to unlock it.

    The unlock password can be up to 10 characters long and is mapped to Wiimote buttons as follows:

    D-Pad Up: U
    D-Pad Down: D
    D-Pad Right: R
    D-Pad Left: L
    B button: B
    A Button: A
    Minus button: M
    Plus button: P
    Home button: H
    1 button: 1
    2 button: 2
    hide_game = 0, GAMEID1, GAMEID2,
    Listing games here is equivalent to locking them in the loader, except that you cannot change the value of the hide_game option within the loader. GAMEIDs should be in the 4 character form.
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    Thank you sir!


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