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Thread: wiikey fusion compatability list

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    wiikey fusion compatability list


    Is there a compatibility list for wiikey fusion?

    I am looking more specifically for 4.3u(NTSC) and fusion 1.5.

    So far - I have been able to run:
    - Zelda Twlight
    - Tetris
    - Honda

    Not been able to run Donkey Kong Country...and PAL games.

    Can others share what they have been able to run?

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    heres a list of games that i have *Backed Up* and work with my wiikey fusion:-
    Mortal Kombat armaggedon
    mario kart wii
    Barbie and the 3 musketeers
    Transformers cybertron adventures
    James camerons avatar the game
    harry potter and the half blood prince
    kawasaki snow mobiles
    kawasaki jet ski's
    zelda twilight princess
    mario galaxy
    toy story mania
    lego indiana jones
    lego indiana jones 2
    lego batman
    lego starwars-original adventure
    horrid henry
    wii party
    peppa pig
    resident evil-umbrella chronicles
    lego harry potter-years 1-4

    GameCube Games:-
    zelda wind waker
    mario kart double dash
    simpsons road rage

    Have you set the region settings in the fusion configurator? My wii is a pal console, and plays ntsc games fine. When i start an ntsc game,,its in black and white for 1 second, then plays as normal.
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    Wiikey Fusion 1.5 / System Menu 4.3E / PAL.

    Games that i played:

    Despicable Me.iso
    Destroy All Humans.iso
    Donkey Kong Country Returns.iso
    Dora Crystal Kingdom.iso
    Ghost Squad.iso
    Go, Diego !.iso
    Mario Kart.iso
    Mario Sports Mix.iso
    New Super Mario Bros.iso
    Pac Man Party.iso
    Princess Enchanted Journey.iso
    Rabbids Go Home.iso
    Super Mario Galaxy 2.iso

    No problems found so far, except of a bug i mentioned here.

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    - with 4.3u update - wiikey fusion does not play cross-region totally sucks..


    I also tried regionfree wiigionfree etc, to switch regions - it does not work.

    mamsura demon blade works

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    Downgrade from 4.3 to 4.1 following mauifrogs guide. Region issue solved.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Wiikey Fusion 1.5 / System Menu 4.3E / PAL.

    Games that i played:

    multiple games on SD-Card

    Get Fit With Mel B
    MySims Racing
    Battalion Wars 2
    Green Day Rock Band
    101 In 1 Sports Party Megamix
    Emergency Heroes
    GoldenEye 007
    Need for Speed- Carbon
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
    Need For Speed NITRO
    New Super Mario Bros Wii v1.02
    Space Camp
    LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars
    Rio (2011)
    wii fit
    Wii Party
    Disney Tangled
    Barbie Horse Adventures- Riding Camp
    Barbie Dog Salon
    Crazy Machines
    Sports Island 2
    Sports Island 3
    SimCity Creator

    NOTE !!..these games will only work if there are no other games on the sd card

    Rock Band 2
    Rock Band 3
    Metroid Prime Trilogy
    Madagascar Kartz

    will add more in time
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    You mentioned that the games below only work when they're the only ones on the card? I've actually never tried this, but I wonder if a lot of the games I have are not working because of that. Thanks for that strange bit of info that I will now try in the endless struggle to get this damn wiikey fusion working 100%.


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