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Thread: Unable to update wiikey fusion due to wiigator.

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    Unable to update wiikey fusion due to wiigator.

    Hi all modders,
    Not sure if in right place for this thread, but here goes.
    I installed my fusion a while back as it seemed easier than softmod.
    But as i had some problems with it not playing all backups i installed a softmod as well.
    My problem is that when i try to install the latest 1.5 update through the fusion sd slot
    it starts wiigator backup launcher.
    Does anyone no if wiigator can be removed (uninstalled) so i can install the update. If so i little guide would be great to.

    Any help much appreciated

    Sorry if in wrong place to post thread.

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    it is installed as a wad, you can uninstall it.


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