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Thread: Can any one tell me about pal update pls

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    Can any one tell me about pal update pls

    Hiya could anyone tell me pls normally im so good hackers for psp but i bought wii 3.4 e and straight away i did put homebrew channels wad chhannell everything what i need i can ply backup games and like wiware games anyway i just read about update some stupid stuff i just wanna know i got pal wii and say for example if i download any pal games and if this games ask me to update my wii is it danger to update my wii from copy cd or what should i do if it is happen and second things can i play ntsc games on my pal wii with regions free or gecko and why they dont work on wii 3.4 e gecko region free and wii 64 pls answr me if anyone need help for psp i can help about everything

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    if u update out of region its bad, in region its all your choice

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    Its means even if its be copy games and if its my region its all right then is it right cheers mate

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    basiclly xD


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