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Thread: SunDriver Review

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    SunDriver Review

    Review by Nestor

    As promised, I open up my virgin wii today for the Sundriver Review.

    My Review.

    Wii Console: US, Unmodded
    Firmware: 4.1U
    HDD used in testing: Seagate SATA 2.5
    Capacity: 250GB
    Windows OS: XP SP3
    Sundriver type: SATA version

    Hardware Installation:

    Very very easy. Insert the HDD and secure it with the two screws that came with it. Insert the three cables interconnection, harness and close it.
    Complements to the video posted in D2SUN site done by GMODZ. Just take note on the alignment of the usb connector as it sometime touches the mouth of the front slot.
    But that's easy I just followed the paper solution as per the manual and done.

    Switch Settings:

    Just make sure the four toggles switches are set away from the LED when the preference is using the Sundriver game selection menu - I used this config.
    For user who prefer using toggle switch for game selection just make a table listing for each swtich settings for each game. I don't recommend it-it's a bit clumsy I still prefer the game selection menu.

    HDD Detection:

    Run the the Sundriver Programmer tool.

    As soon as I connect it to the PC and Wii powered ON, it was able to instantly detect the HDD and its LED lits up which means a successful communication between wii and pc via USB. For other installers when you get to this stage it's just a breathe away of playing your games with SUNDRIVER.

    Gameloader Set-up:

    Very straight forward. Just load the latest Game selection menu with the Upgrade Menu button and once done NGC menu appears click it the Sundriver menu appears awaiting it games uploading. Nice.

    Installing Games:

    Similar to Sundisk. Select ISO and click on the PC to Sundriver button. Pick as many as you want for as long as the harddrive can take it. I was able to fill in my hdd too many to make it full. One thing I hope that would be address is the multiple games uploading that users can just drag and drop batch of games to the hard drive. I think works is on the way for this add-on feature.

    So far it has successfully played every games I have thrown in the menu -tested the following working games:
    - SSBB Dual Layer
    - SMK
    - SMG
    - NSMB
    - The Legend of Zelda
    - Punchout
    - MarioParty8
    - Metroid Prime Trilogy
    - Ghostbuster
    - Zack and Wiki
    - Resident Evil 4
    - Conduit
    - EA Sports Active
    - Wii Sports
    - Wii Play
    - Dragon Ball Tenkaichi 3
    - Call of Duty Modern Warfare
    - Okami
    - Wii Sports Resort


    The SUNDRIVER is definitely a must for users that prefers game loading via HDD without going through the hassles of softmodding as this is obviously a hardware solution. It's of course a solderless install which makes it ideal for hobbyist to do the installation by themselves. I personally recommend and like it, same as the Sundisk which I reviewed and tested too. Plus, the superb support of D2SUN and his team are solid. They release updates from time to time to keep up with changes.

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