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Thread: lost my old wii in a divorce, but i got to keep my backups

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    lost my old wii in a divorce, but i got to keep my backups

    hi all .... i am new to wii hacks but have been following the scene for a while. I recently lost my wii in a divorce and had to get a new one. i have already modded it and everything was going fine until i tried to transfer my old backups from disk to usb hard drive .... i have searched all over and come across a couple of threads that matched my question but i have not found an answer.

    Can i transfer my old backups to my usb drive to use with a loader. my games worked with my old wii using the backup channel but the new one doesnt read dvds .... i have tried many different things such as ripping the backup to iso and using wbfs manager but everything keeps giving me a no wii disk inserted error

    any help would be much appreciated .... thank you in advance

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    You'd need the original/retail disc to do this on a D3-2/D4 drive. You shouldn't be attempting this if you don't still own/possess the originals.

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    i understand .... thank you for your quick response ..... as i no longer have access to the originals ( the x has them ) i guess i am out of luck


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