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Thread: Call of Duty Black Ops Bug Wii 4.3U Softmodded. Need Help...

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    Call of Duty Black Ops Bug Wii 4.3U Softmodded. Need Help...

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum so hopefully this is not the wrong place to write this thread. This is not my first language so sorry if any typos.


    I'm sure nobody has seen this issue with Black Ops yet. I installed cIOS 249 v20, I tried running the game with IOS in Wiiflow 222,223 224, 250 v20 and still having this issue. If there's any Wii GURU who know how to fix this? I've searched here, youtube, other forums and nobody have seen this before. I know is not the wii because the other games play just fine, including Modern Warfare Reflex Edition. Loading from HDD.

    If you help me to fix this I'll buy you a beer!!! Video of the Issue below:

    [Enter YouFail link HERE]

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Indeed; had the poster made an Intro here:

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    As strongly encouraged by site rules, he'd already have known this.


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