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    Thanks for the 4.3 guide it helps allot if you read instructions. After using the Anywii mod pack. I'm able to get my backup launcher working. Now I can keep my originals in thier sleeve and keep them in new condition. My son had done a bad thing and updated my wii, thus causing all my CIOS's to be stubbed by nintendo. SO DON'T UPDATE::: DON'T UPDATE. If you do it will take some doing to get everthing working back as it was. Fortunatly I was able to find the fix bewteen the Hackmii Installer using Indiana Jones exploit and the anywii mod pack I got everthing working back as before. I did not need to load bootmii as boot2 or use priloader. Simply used the MMM from anywii mod pack and loaded all WADS. Then was able to have homebrew channel and all my previous apps. Lucky for me I had them backed up. So if I can help anyone here who foolishly update thier WII and havng trouble getting back to previous status feel free to contact me. I've learned allot here thanks to the moderators and other helpful users.

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    If you would of had priiloader and enable block disc and block online updates, you wouldn't of had that problem. You should also install bootmii as boot2 if you can and make a nand backup. So if your wii turns into a brick you can fix it.


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