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Thread: which flashcard will be hotsale in 2011?

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    which flashcard will be hotsale in 2011?

    There are too many flashcard in the market now. R4i sdhc, R4 ds, R4i gold, Acekard, Dstwo, M3i zero, DSTT and so on. Some of them meet big probmes, and the kernel never update, while other were on hot sale.

    Some flashcards were on hotsale in 2010. The R4i-sdhc, r4i gold and the r4 ds card Since r4ds was beat by Nintendo, other flashcard exceeds. So which flashcard will win 2011?

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    i use the supercard ds2 but dont know wat will win i know the scds2 and the acecard are realy good
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    I think spupercard dstwo or the cyclods ievolution.

    But shouldn't this be in the ds section?

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