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Thread: IndianaPwns homebrew 4.3E

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    IndianaPwns homebrew 4.3E

    Hey Guys, i've just formatted my Wii and SD card to try and make things easier

    this is the guide i'm following:>

    This is the problem:

    Option 1- Indiana PWNS - Works with 4.3u/e
    -Play Lego Indiana Jones Original. Start a new game, then exit to System Menu. i played it then saved it
    -Go to wii settings, data management, save games, wii, SD I've copied all data to my SD card
    -Click SD, copy Indiana PWNS for your region i get this message: 'This data already exists in the Wii System Memory' **
    -Play Lego Indiana Jones original, load save game slot 1 then i go to the door and it struggles to let me in for maybe 5 seconds-then lets me in. i go in use the 2 black items and it swaps me to the other lego guy

    ** I'm guessing its something to do with the copy indianaPwns part... any ideas?

    Any help would be great!!!

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    A third thread now? Stop spamming the forum with the same problem. Stick to one thread or post your problem in the softmod guide you are following like you should. You should probably read the forum rules too while you are at it.
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    this is not the 4.3 guide
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    I'm very nre to this site, i couldnt find the 4.3 page. However this still is my problem


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