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Thread: Rock Band Wii PEGA guitar model no PG-WI156 compatability

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    Rock Band Wii PEGA guitar model no PG-WI156 compatability

    Hi fellow WiiHacks members. I have recently purchased Rock band and a set of drums. I already have a logitech microphone so I have been looking for a pair of suitable guitars so me and the kids can form a "band" as such. Anyway ebuyer do a guitar for just over 20 - its called a PEGA Wii Wireless Crazy Guitar 3 in 1 and the model no for it is PG-WI156. Does this guitar work with rock band please??? If not does anyone know of a suitable alternative that wont break the bank.

    Many thanks

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    Those guitar hero guitars, that the wiimote go inside of, work with rockband also. Just the rockband intruments are not compatible with guitar hero.

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    Many thanks for the reply - I will go ahead and order the guitars now


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