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Thread: Bricked Wii 4.3u Black Screen... Please Help !

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    Unhappy Bricked Wii 4.3u Black Screen... Please Help !

    I used USBloader to play Wii games in wbfs format. When a game didn't and the screen freezed, I held on the power button for 5 seconds and since then, all I got is a BLACK SCREEN. The reset button doesn't work for reboot.

    Is my Wii bricked? How to fix? Many thanks...

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    Please provide us with more info on the loader...

    Were you using USB Loader GX or CFG USB Loader? What game were you using at the time of the black screen? Did you make any changes in the game load settings? Did you recently change the format of the hard drive? What was the version of the Loader you were using?

    Also, were you able to install Bootmii as boot2? Can you access Priiloader?
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    Unhappy Need Help for Wii 4.3u

    Hi streamlinehd,

    I was using USB Loader GX r938 to load Star Wars The Force Unleashed. I didn't remember if I made changes in the game load settings. I only installed Bootmii as IOS. Now my reset button is not working so I have access the Priiloader. There is only BLACK SCREEN...

    Before when the Wii freezed, I just unplugged the power and then it worked fine.
    This time, I tried pressing the power button and bricked my Wii ??? Hope you can help.

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    did you get my last message as it is not posted here in the forum?

    I was using usb loader gx r938 while trying to load star wars the force releashed in wbfs format. First I got a black screen and pressed the power button for a few seconds. Then the light turned red. Since then, I can't boot my Wii with SD card, original game disc or the reset button. The black screen stays on. please help !


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