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Thread: Please insert a disk into drive E:.

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    Please insert a disk into drive E:.

    I have been following mauifrog's "softmod any wii" guide, but right after I make the NAND backup, I am stuck. The backup seems to have been successful, and the files even appear to be on the sd card when I look in bootmii. However, when I put the sd card in my computer, I get this message:

    "Please insert a disk into drive E:."

    and can't access it. It could read it fine before the backup and can read other cards no problem. Anyone know that the deal is? Maybe I could move the backup files to my usb drive with an app like SD explorer? But I sure would like to know whats going on. Thanks!

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    no idea, but i would go ahead format the card and do a fresh backup.

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    I've tried a few times, formatting the card each time and same story. Card works in my computer before I do the backup, but not after.

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    Try with other sd cards, if it keeps doing it, then it could be your computer

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    I tried two other sd cards including a wii branded one with no luck. I guess it must be a problem with my computer. Its just weird that they would work and then not. I ended up using wiixplorer to move the files from sd card to usb drive. That seemed to have worked.


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