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Thread: Looking for fix for Error 003: Unauthorized Device Has Been Detected

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    Exclamation Looking for fix for Error 003: Unauthorized Device Has Been Detected

    I have a Korean Wii. I dont know the OS and version details. I was trying to update my WII using a wireless internet conection when the system update failed and every since I am getting an error on a black screen:
    Error 003: Unauthorized Device Has Been Detected

    I understand that my console has been bricked. Can someone advise me on how I can recover it please?

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    obvisouly, you didn't search, study and read threads in this Forum before raising your question in public. plz check the FORUM FAQ section.

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    Sorry, I'm new here. Looked around for more than an hour but didnt get anywhere so I thought of asking this question.
    Can you please guide me in the correct direction?

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    glad to know that u're going to filter your questions,
    read this

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    I had seen that post already. Didnt understand it though. It says:

    This guide will fix the 003 error, only if ios36 is patched with the trucha bug.
    This would typically require cIOSCORP 3.x to be installed prior to system update
    If you where loading backups from the disk channel, you may have cIOSCORP

    How do I check for the above?

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    ur luck is getting less and less after the internet updating to Nintendoo server.
    if u don't understand, u can't fix it. that's all i could tell.
    sorry !

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    If you have a backup of your NAND or your console's keys you can have the NAND flashed by a programmer. There are a few members here who can do this type of work for you.

    Bad_Ad84 (England, UK)
    Streamlinehd (Connecticut, US)
    Krafter (Indiana, US)
    Erikie (Netherlands)
    Cogita ante salis
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