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Thread: Freeze and beep with some games

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    Freeze and beep with some games

    Hi guys, I use CFG usb loader to load games in my wii, and I have no problem with most games, but I am having problems with certain games.

    These games are Call of Duty: Black Ops, 007 Golden Eye and MK Armageddon. The problem is the screen gets freeze and sounds a sharp beep, then I have to reset the console.

    Although I can play these games, it is a pain when it happens, because I loose the progress I did.

    Does anybody know about? What do you tell me?

    Thanks people.

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    Give credit where credit is due. If it helps you, click "thanks" on ANY guide I link.

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    This user would benefit from posting a quick hello here:

    Introduce Yourself

    Never has, and it would've linked him to this stuff if he'd bothered to. It's not too late, I suggest you do so.


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