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Thread: Soft Mod with a Pooched Drive

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    Soft Mod with a Pooched Drive

    Big Wiihacks fan for all info. But i unfortunately made a mistake updating my Wii to 4.3u and some games do not play anymore. My wii fusion work flawlessly thankfully towards some. I was almost going to softmod my wii following the well detailed guide however, i wasn't able to find any info of doing the softmod thru the fusion. My disc drive is pooched and unable to intake discs or eject the one in it, for the last few months no big deal cuz i load everything through the sd card. But am i able to load Lego Indiana Jones or their equivalents through the fusion to do the softmod?


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    Its probably out of region games that dont need to downgrade to 4.1 there is a guide by mauifrog or if you follow his softmod guide it will have an option to downgrade...

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    Sweet, Thankyou


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