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Thread: Old Softmodded Converted Korean Wii error 002 (4.2u)

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    Old Softmodded Converted Korean Wii error 002 (4.2u)

    Hi, I need help on this one,

    I managed to softmod my first wii (3.2) with the guides, I had no issues and my wii still runs fine and all the games working.

    I have been asked by a friend to mod her Wii. (it's been softmodded with old guides I think so new games doesn't run and shows error 002)

    as she notifies me and my diagnosis,
    it's a Korean Wii, converted to a US system menu 4.2 (Serial. LKM109xxxxx)
    it has "USB LOADER" as a channel already.
    no Homebrew Channel installed (which from my experience can be installed through bootmii)

    I've been searching the whole night for any relevant finds to read,
    my first thoughts were to install bootmii to boot2 first ( if it's possible)
    coz from my experience on my 3.2 wii, it saves a lot, and also for my safety in case I mess something up.

    so I've setup my SD (like how I did to my wii, of course I'm following the 4.2 guide now, bannerbomb and bootmii files)

    tried to load up bannerbomb
    but they all freeze

    I'm thinking of way how to open this baby up, at least bootmii on boot2 and homebrew channel,
    from there on I think I'll be good (installing homebrew and other ios/cios related stuff)

    basically what I intend to do is.
    get bootmii, homebrew channel, update usbloader (or gx2.0 or other loaders), neogamma.

    so what do you guys suggest for this kind of setup?
    I want to take this slow and sure, so I'm reading as much and asking for help as I can, I know my chances of bricking are higher compared to natural US wii's than this converted korean wii.

    Thank you in advance.
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    thanks, I was already reading that last night and continued to try it after I left posting the thread,

    I'm now have hackmii installer loaded,

    will post back the results.

    edit ahh, bootmii as ios only? is there a way?
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    now it makes everything scarier, I didn't have preloader on my 3.2 wii, I was feeling badass cos I have bootmii on boot2
    this I must have preloader on, cos I can't have bootmii on boot2, only way of safety.

    doing a NAND backup now, not sure if it helps cos no boot2
    this'll take a while.

    --edit-- reading around the forums, I found this regarding bootmii and 4.2u

    did he just claimed that he installed bootmii on 4.2u?
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    okay, update
    I got preloader installed
    wiiflow and usbloadergx 2 installed, games running now, even to blackops,
    I'm going to try mighty channels now Thanks


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