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Thread: hacking a wii 4.3e without internet connection?

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    hacking a wii 4.3e without internet connection?

    im having trouble hacking my mates wii 4.3e, he has no internet connection. ive installed homenrew and bootmii succesfully following the 4.3e hack guide and now im up to installing all the wads with multi mod manager and it doesnt install all of the wads, any help please?

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    Ask the question in the guide your following for best help

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    i have but they havnt replied yet so i made a thread

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    nguyen, i've shared my experience with you in THAT post of 4.3 Softmod Guide.
    if you could spent a little bit more time to visit more and former threads in the Guide, you'd have been successful the mod alreay.

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    which guide have you asked this question at . im reading the 4.3 softmod guide and it doesnt say you need the internet to soft mod your wii

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    i guess i messed up, lol. i did the youtube tutorial and it didnt work out, and i just read awhile ago on this site that youtube ends up in failer. ill have a go at the 4.3 guide on this site and reply if i hav trouble. thanks anyways.


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