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Thread: Erased HBC, have priiloader, and Indiana won't boot

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    Wink Erased HBC, have priiloader, and Indiana won't boot

    I've been crawling this forum for days and finally registered, as I'm just not finding a solution

    So, New wii w/ 4.3. Serial LU745...
    Used Indiana prwn, loaded HBC with hackmii installer v0.8, added bootmii as ios, on a whim added priiloader. installed backup launcher v.3 gamma, couldnt use cios installer due to error, ran wad manager and install cios249, it had an error but finished installing. backup launcher would come up but not load, just black screened, thought it was the error.
    Read the wrong guide and reset system defaults (baaaaad)
    priiloader still works, I have to run the "update blocker" but it recognizes normal bought games. . . all but 1.
    Indiana jones. banner comes up, when I hit start, black screen and dead remote.
    how else can I reinstall the HBC, and any suggestions on what nand's I may need to repair/how to repair them? I have a nand back up, but can not use the restormii running priiloader or bootmii as ios.
    any thoughts?
    I would not have asked if I didn't feel I've exhausted searching on my own.
    Thanks for any input, it is greatly appreciated.

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    Load the hackmii installer from priiloader.

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    tried. Installed file, but when I go to "installed files" on the main menu, goes to gray screen and freezes there

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    Have you tried the MultiModManager found here in Mauifrog's exceptional guide?

    Look under "other desperate options".
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    Don't know if it is worth mentioning, but when we try to access the mii channel, black screen and dead remote.
    Edit: OK, so now I can get into bootmii, but it "fails to load selected file(s))
    (system menu also now showing 4.1.)
    I'm going to bootmii, selecting SD card, and trying to load files from there. Is this incorrect?
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    OK, again, so I was not reading close enough and had not added bootminii, one done, reinstalled HBC, backing up nand now, then loading the modanywii pack, and following the instructions TO THE LETTER!!!

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction to get back on track "thatfloorguy"!!!

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