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Thread: Re-hacking the wii-the right way

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    Cool Re-hacking the wii-the right way

    Hi All
    I found this site after I hacked my wii using a different guide. since then ive hacked my friends wii according to mauifrogs guide for 4.3u and i like your tutorials and results here soooo much better. i want to rehack my wii using mauifrogs guide.

    im wondering if it is ok to hack my wii again with out danger of bricking it. the following are a few of the instructions from the old guide

    A menu should load called WAD manager.
    Press A to continue and choose 'wii SD slot', A to continue
    It should already say IOS249.WAD, A to continue
    move arrow to the right and change option to UNINSTALL WAD, A to continue
    It should say 4x OK and any key to continue
    Press the home button to leave the program

    A new installer will automatically load.
    In the first screen IOS36 is already selected, this you need, so A to continue
    Afterwards the next option to choose is WAD install, this also what you need, so just A to continue
    So it's actually just next next next
    When done it will say finished succesful and will reboot the wii

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    Click on the 4.1u link in my signature. That will take you to the Softmod Any Wii guide from mauifrog. It is completely safe to simply follow every step in this guide, even if you have the items in question. In fact, do everything anyway, as you can make sure you are up to date.
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    ty for your advice ah forgot to mention that im on 4.2u. is your advice still valid?

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    Yes the advice is valid, click the spoiler for your SM, follow the guide and enjoy a properly modded Wii!!
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    thanks a bunch guys. im off to my hacking


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