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Thread: Accidentally upgraded from 4.2U to 4.3U

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    Ca Accidentally upgraded from 4.2U to 4.3U

    Ok so I had a 4.2U system menu softmoded and working all nice. Along comes my daughter (bless her little heart) and upgrades the system to 4.3U without asking me. So as I'm sure you can guess, none of my softmod stuff works now. My question is where do I go from here? Do I downgrade back to 4.2? or delete my HBC channel and all my other stuff and start with the 4.3 tutorial?

    All your help is very much appreciated.

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    Follow the guide

    Make sure to install priiloader so this won't happen again.

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    don't delete your hbc. go to the 4.3 or softmod any wii guide and use its option with the hbc already present.
    run it through and your wii will be working again in the end (+ you get priiloader to prevent accedently updating).
    good luck

    edit: funny all got the same reading delay on this one haha

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    Follow the softmod any wii link in my signature. You may have a few options on the method since you were previously softmoded. Read all of the choices and DO NOT SKIP THE PRIILOADER PART!!!

    edit: In case you can't tell from all 3 of our responses, you need priiloader
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