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Thread: wii sys menu 4.3 - hack without a game on its way?

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    wii sys menu 4.3 - hack without a game on its way?

    hello wii-experts,

    i couldnt find any info in the web yet so i decided to ask here, even this is
    question no. 1.000 if its kind.... anyway... i recently saw that two games are selling
    for inredible prices: yu-gi-oh + lego indiana jones, those suitable to hack the latest
    sys menu of the wii... would it make sense keeping an eye on these gamey and hoping to get one quite cheap or is a gamesless hack for 4.3(u/e) on its way..?
    or is it even IMPOSSIBLE to do it w/out a game?

    thanks for info

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    There's still no way to hack without a game. But there soon will be an exploit released for a Hanna Montana game, that I think is cheaper than yugioh and indiana jones.

    But its only for PAL consoles

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    NO, it is not possible to do without a game. This question is asked daily and it is still NO! Have you read the guide? It says right in there that you must have the game. Don't you think that if it was possible that it would be mentioned???

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    yeah, i know
    therefore, my question was, if anyone knows if theres a gameless hack on its way. i ALREEADY did one with yu-gi-oh, but afterwards, i sold it...
    and now the prieces are 3x as high...


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