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Thread: IOS 236 loading error.

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    IOS 236 loading error.


    I have a black wii with 4.3e firmware. I used Indiana Jones PWNS to install HBC and Bootmii as IOS.

    I am using Maulifrog's method to softmod my wii. I am on 2 step where I have extracted Modpack on sd card. The MMM does not load through bootmii to I tried alternated method to load MMM using IOS236 installer version 4.

    I am replacing the files with path /sd/apps/IOS236/boot and insert the sd card in the wii. I am starting the HBC but nothing seems to start. I am totally clueless on where I am going wrong. Can somebody please please please help me.

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    Sounds like an issue with the SD card. Check the compatibility on this list. Don't just randomly do stuff. That's when you get into trouble.

    Also all question should be asked in the guide you are following. It's easier that way.

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