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Thread: Wii Not Reading Discs NTSC or PAL

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    Wii Not Reading Discs NTSC or PAL

    Hi there, I have a problem, I was given a Japanese Wii to Softmod, and obviously when I turned it on I couldn't read a thing... so I used the Bannerbomb exploit and Any Region Changer to change it all to UK/GB PAL and all went ok, I followed a tutorial on the web and every step was as described. The console re-booted and everything was in English! Hurray, I think then, the mistake I made was that I updated it then via the WiiUpdate to version 4.3e and now when I try to softmod it with the Lego Indiana Jones disc, It won't acknowledge that there is a disc in the drive it says the 'Unable to read the disc. Check the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting.' error message, I have tried a few of the NTSC games in it also and it gives the same message for them...
    Is this Wii now pretty useless until an exploit for 4.3e is discovered without needing the disc or is there another way to get it reading discs again?

    Any help will be much appreciated!

    Cheers, Adam.

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    Is Bootmii in boot2? Because then you can start the hackmii installer that way, or has it got Priiloader, because then you're also capable of starting the hackmii installer file.

    And otherwise open your own wii and the broken one, exchange the dvd-drives and softmod it and afterwards change them back.

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    I'm not sure if I did install BootMii into Boot2 or IOS, I have the BootMii on the SD Card still, is that a good sign or not? If so, how do I access BootMii? Priiloader isnt installed yet as I didn't get that far...

    What good would changing the DVD drive from my UK one be? Are the Drives Region locked?

    Cheers, Adam.

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    Normally if you have bootmii in boot2, then it will look for the file bootmii/armboot.bin on the SD-card, and if it is there, it will start bootmii. So if you place the folder bootmii on your SD-card and start the Wii, then it will load bootmii if you have bootmii in boot2. Otherwise you don't, and the option of modding it that way is not possible. If it starts bootmii, then you can normally get mmm loaded the same way, but I don't know out of hard how that works, but try first if bootmii loads.

    And if that's not working, then it is best to get a triwing screw driver and replace the 2 dvd-drives for a moment. I am not sure, but I don't think the region restriction is on the dvd drive. I also did it for a Wii, and it worked without any problems.

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    The DVD Drive Swap worked like a charm! It turned out that the DVD Drive in the 'Broken Wii' had been chipped previously with a D2CKey and from what I've read, this doesn't work great with 4.3e? All sorted now though, softmodded it with my DVD Drive and then put the old 'chipped' drive back in and still all working! Happy Days!

    Thank you soo much Bully007!


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