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Thread: Wii is unable to read discs -- related to softmodding?

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    Question Wii is unable to read discs -- related to softmodding?

    Good day.

    There seems to be some problems with my Wii and its abiliy to read discs.
    Starting a while back it would stop reading discs and instead give a message akin to "Unable to read the disc. Please refer to the Wii operations manual". I tried several other games, but to no avail. It even started giving a message that reads something like "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc, then turn off the Wii console and refer to the Operations Manual.", however I cannot seem to find anything helpful in the manual. I have tried searching the internet but have not found anything useful.
    Now, interesting to note, this concerns only Wii games, as it plays GameCube games with absolutely no problems.
    Now, I tried getting the Wii Lens cleaner, and it helped a little (let me play Mario Kart for 15 minutes), but not really worth mentioning.
    The Wii is a 4.2E, softmodded using ShadowSonic2's guide.
    Since then, I've contacted a fellow (who calls himself Doctor Wii) about my problem, and he asked me quite a few questions:
    Have I installed cIOSCORP/darkcorp? No, I have not
    Did I do anything special before the Wii became unable to read discs? Did I use the homebrew channel? Nothing special, though the HBC might have been in use.
    Does neogamma run? Neogamma runs perfectly, although only for playing from a USB HDD, as it will give the same error message as the normal disc channel if I use a disc. I prefer using USB Loader GX, though. There have been no problems with playing from a HDD, except for when I tried installing and playing the Metroid Prime Trilogy (which I tried after the Wii wouldn't read the discs anymore).
    I also have a NAND backup (from before the problem) as well as bootmii installed.
    Judging from the questions he asked me, it sounded as if the modding had something to do with the Wii becoming unable to read discs, and should that be the case, I figured coming here would be the best solution.
    Could the softmodding have anything to do with the Wii's inablity to read discs, and in such a case, how could this be fixed? The softmod was done quite some time before the error messages, and the Wii is still version 4.2E, so there should not have been any updates. (In case my memory fails me, and it has been updated from 4.1 to 4.2 could this cause the problem?)

    I have tried searching and looking through quite a few guides, but have found no mention of this.
    I figured this would be the appropriate place to post. If I have posted in the wrong forum, I apologize.
    Also, if you want more information, I will endeavor to obtain said information

    tl;dr: Wii won't read Wii discs (but will read GameCube discs), wondering if it has anything to do with being softmodded.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I had same problem, and sorted it by opening the wii and cleaning the laser with some rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud, no problems since then.
    4.1e, Bootmii/boot2, Cios Rev17, Darkcorp 1.0, cMios Rev5(Mios 10 base), WiiFlow, Neogamma 8 r17, Seagate Expansion Drive 1TB

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    Thank you for the tip, kind Sir. I shall look into it, but isn't that what Nintendo's lens cleaner is supposed to do? No risk of damaging the lens, is it? (Oh, and have you any thoughts on why it would read GC discs but not Wii discs?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgibson1980 View Post
    I had same problem, and sorted it by opening the wii and cleaning the laser with some rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud, no problems since then.
    So I opened the wii, and cleaned the lens. However, there were no signs of improvement. At all. Would you have any more suggestions as to what I could do? Does the Wii use different lenses for GameCube and Wii discs?


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