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Thread: Problem reading backup disc

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    Problem reading backup disc

    I have a game that DOES NOT SUPPORT usb loading (Splinter cell DA).

    I have burned to disc AFTER patching to 249, put the game in and it worked fine with no problem.
    I then turned the game off for a couple of hours and when I went to turn it back on, the disc would not load!!
    NOTHING about my setup has changed, I hadn't even removed the disc, and hadn't played a different game in between!!!

    Can anybody explain this please as a search for a week has got me no answers at all.

    Please help if you can before I try to re-rip the game!!!!

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    does it work again?
    always turn your wii off to red light (hold down power if needed)
    remove the disc, see if blowing in the dvd slot helps.

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    Ahhhhhh it works again, your a legend thanks, didn't think to switch it right off, just put it into standby mode (orange light). Thanks again.


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