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Thread: Homebrew Channel doesn't recognize wii-mote (or something...)

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    Homebrew Channel doesn't recognize wii-mote (or something...)


    Recently, for some reason, I'm unable to navigate through the homebrew channel because the Wii doesn't seem to recognize that I'm pointing the Wii-mote at it.

    I can easily access the homebrew channel, but after that... nothing. I'm able to navigate clumsily using button presses alone, but unfortunately there are many things I can't do as a result of this. The wii-mote nor the sensor are broken, because when I play games, it works just fine. I only seem to have this problem when I'm in the Homebrew Channel, or applications within the homebrew channel (when selecting a game to play, for instance, I can only choose the first game, since I don't have the option to 'point' to the game I want to play, and must only play the first game on the list).

    Anyone else experience something similar to this... What should I do?



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    strange problem never heard of that

    try to re-sync your wiimote with the red buttons within hbc, or in the sysmenu. hbc re-install might help. strange that it worked before.

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    Change bluetooth module might work. Did for me


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