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Thread: black screen?

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    black screen?

    Ok so i had my wii softmodde to 4.1u then last night my kids updated to 4.2u.So i learned that i had to remod my wii to the 4.2u softmod.Got it done tried it out load a game everything works but a couple of games that was no big deal cause i had to use cfg loader instead of wiiflow.So I went to cfg loader and was reinstalling the covers then all of a sudden the screen went black.Now when i turn my wii on the cd drive flashes blue but i get no picture.I have the nano made from the softmod i just did.Could this be a brick or did it just die on me?It is one of the first wii's out have had it for years.

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    Moved to the brick section.

    Sounds like a brick to me and the first one that has happened when using Cfg. Do you have bootmii installed as boot2? Do you remember anything else you might have done to cause this? Can you boot into priiloader?

    Do you know what revision of Cfg you were using? Forwarder channel or full channel and the revision?
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    Might not have been caused by CFG.

    Does your Wiimote sync and can you power on with the Wiimote?
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    sorry for posting in the wrong thread.But I got up today turned the wii on and it works fine.Maybe it got hot or something.Or maybe its the bluetooth issue i have read about well i guess I'll wait and see if it happens again.thanks

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    Might not have been caused by CFG.

    I said "when using Cfg".

    @ OP - Odd situation. At least it works I suppose.
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