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Thread: Can i update wii shop without bricking?

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    Can i update wii shop without bricking?

    Everytime I enter the wii shop or nintendo channel it tells me that i need to update.
    Can i update without breaking my wii?

    Im not sure what mod chip I have installed, i got it done at a local shop.

    Thanks in advance

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    its amazing how people see that message and just ask

    its in the terms of service, that they dont have the right to remove, your right to play for any reason, it would be odd if it said "if u dont follow the terms of service, you can and will lose your right to play"

    its always said that Since update 1
    dont you think there would be huge banners saying MOG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG the end of the mod chip age, but its not, they cant even touch the chips xD, thats why the edit the drive its self not the firmware

    if you use homebrew youll lose a lot of features, and lose the right to use tucha signed games IE anything thats been edited *thats really all it is dont ask for a explanation* so make your choice, you can install homebrew channel, get a installer, and then be fine, but its all your choice


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