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Thread: RockBand 3 -- Can't get all instruments to work even in AIM

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    RockBand 3 -- Can't get all instruments to work even in AIM

    Hi Guys,

    Need help in getting this to work.

    When playing RB3, I can't get all 7 instruments to work. I can get 2 guitars + keyboards + mics to work OR 1 guitar + keyboards + drums + mics. So it's either 2 guitars and no drums or just 1 guitar. This is on all instruments mode.

    I'm running 4.2U softmodded wii. Tried Hermes cIOS222 v4 in USB Loader GX and uLoader. Also tried cIOS223 v4 in both loaders.

    222 didn't sync my instruments at all.
    223 had the problem I explained earlier.

    Should I try to update to Hermes v5 for cIOS222 and 223? Do I need to update lower number IOS (like 38,37,etc..)?

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    The following guide from Krank should in theory work (if followed correctly) for all music games:

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