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Thread: Playing backup discs on your Black wii

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    Playing backup discs on your Black wii

    I read everywhere on this site that,
    the disk drive in the black wii will not play backup disks.

    However on this site I also found this article:

    If you make a PERFECT backup copy of an original disk,
    shouldn't the black wii be able to play that perfect copy,
    since it would not differ from the original?

    Can anybody enlighten me?

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    No. Your disc-drive is fundamentally un-able to read dvd-r or dvd+r or any other homemade disc. thats it.

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    So that means a DVD-r or DVD+r can never be a perfect copy of the original?

    How is that so?
    What does the original have or not have that the DVD-r and DVD+r doesn't or does?

    Does it contain a code or something that you cannot wipe of or what?

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    I could be wrong, I'm no expert. I know that you cannot play copies at all. I think that it is the production process. I think I heard that the 'real' games are pressed, as opposed to burnt. Don't hold me to it...Someone with more detailed knowledge will come along eventually.

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    Thanks for your answer so far.

    The experts are invited to response.

    Because I really want to know everything on this one.

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    You can only load backups from usb, newer wii's dont support disk loading of backups.
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    That seems to be the general notion.

    What I'm interested in is answers that can EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHY this is so.

    Why is it impossible to make a perfect copy while this is exactly what producers of original discs do all the time, making perfect copies.

    I'm an engineer, so I'm interested in the answer from an engineers point of view.
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    This should help...Taken from Wiki.
    Nintendo's most recent chipset, known as the D3-2, looks identical to a D3 chipset, but has no marking on the integrated controller.[6] The DVD mode has been removed from the drive, frustrating attempts to load any discs not sanctioned by Nintendo. An alternative is to replace the D3-2 chipset with an older revision, or getting a D3-2 compatible drivechip (which must load via USB or SD).

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    It has nothing to do with the game being a perfect copy or not. It has to do with your drive not reading DVDs. It only reads Nintendo's proprietary optical disc format.
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    We're getting closer.

    So what's so special about Nintendo's proprietary optical disc format that it can not be created/copied on an empty disc?

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