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Thread: wiiflow update

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    wiiflow update

    I am pretty new when it comes to messing around with the wii ! but I would like to update my wiiflow from 1.1 to at least 2.1

    Does anyone know when I can find instruction to do this ?

    Thanks much in advance

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    Read It all , then proceed.

    WiiFlow Install And Settings Look at the bottom of page and you'll see the link for update.


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    Great ! thank you
    I follow steps 1-7. Can you clear up couple things for me ?

    1. It said "you'll have to make sure that all configuration files are deleted". what files are they talking about and how do I verify this ?

    2. the "no-dol" zip contains 3 folders (apps, docs, wiiflow) do I copy them all the the root ?

    3. is wiiflow now updated ? or are there more steps ?


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    1. It means you need to Delete The old Configuration Folder off the device SD card or USB.

    2.The 3 Folders, Transfer Whats in the apps folder to the apps folder of your device SD/USB(Make sure You put the Boot.Dol In apps/WiiFlow folder). Docs ,Wiiflow folders goes to the root of the SD Card/USB.

    3.As long as you put the most updated Version , Your Updated.

    Sorry for taking long on the answers.

    I just did this myself, With no problems.Works A treat.
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    thanks much,
    Would you mind explaining something for me ? all these files are on an SD card (I copied them to another SD card for this purpose.) someone else mod this wii for me. I assumed then that wiiflow is running off the SD card and it shouldn't cause problems with the wii itself if files were copied incorrectly.

    Thanks again


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