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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri (NTSC) started freezing every 30~ minutes.

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    Monster Hunter Tri (NTSC) started freezing every 30~ minutes.

    Hello, I'm kind of new to all the Wii hacks etc., but I'll try to explain my problem as clearly as possible. I've been playing Monster Hunter Tri for a while now, and it almost never froze/crashed, maybe once a day. But now, when I'm playing, it crashes/freezes every 20-30 minutes, it's literally unplayable. Game stops and you can hear annoying BEEEEEEEEP noise. I'm playing the game off my HDD, using USB loader GX. I've tried various Game Load options, as well as different OS'es ( or w/e you call them ), like 222,223,249.. but nothing helped. Is there some specific OS + loader combo that would stop these crashes?

    P.S. The version of the game is english, NTSC.

    [Excuse my poor english]

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    Also, there is a guide (actually, two but wiihacks staff only endorses one of them).


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