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Thread: GC2-DMS can't read dvd's?

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    GC2-DMS can't read dvd's?

    I recently bought a wii for christmas and I softmodded it about a month ago. I read that the newer wii's cannot read DVD's because mainly of the infamous d3-2 drive. I wanted to see if my wii was unfortunately a victim to this d3-2 chipset. I went to and entered in my serial number. I recieved a 50% chance that it is a GC2-DMS, 25% chance that it is a GC2-D4, and 25% chance that it is a GC2-D3-2(V2). I assume that it is a DMS and I tried playing a backup disk through Neogamma, but im getting the 1167 error (which is usually the error for bad media or unable to read).

    I guess my main question is, can a GC2-DMS read dvd's like older wii's or is the chipset as bad as the D3-2

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    you assume you got a dms? from the 50%?
    a. your wii is new
    b. its as well 50% for a bad chip (D4 and D3v2)
    c. you get an error, which is not only related to bad media but the bad chip as well
    d. you got one of the evil chips, all new wiis got one, go for usb loading

    gc2-dms would be fine for disc loading, yours not

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    ok cool i just wanted to make sure, thanks for clearin that up.

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